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American Crime Story: 2.06 “Descent” & 2.07 “Ascent” Screencaptures

Our gallery was updated with screencaptures and stills of Finn Wittrock as Jeff Trail during 2.06 “Descent” & 2.07 “Ascent”. Sorry for uploading it only now, I’ve experienced some issues with my computer and I was only able to solve it this week. Enjoy!

FWN001.jpg FWN002.jpg FWN003.jpg FWN001.jpg
FWN-ACSS02E06-0029.jpg FWN-ACSS02E06-0043.jpg FWN-ACSS02E06-0517.jpg FWN-ACSS02E06-0533.jpg
FWN-ACSS02E07-0002.jpg FWN-ACSS02E07-0018.jpg FWN-ACSS02E07-0043.jpg FWN-ACSS02E07-0077.jpg

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