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Angelo Pizzo talked about Finn Wittrock and his character in My All American

In recent interview, Angelo Pizzo talked about Finn Wittrock and his characther Freddie Steinmark in the upcoming movie My All American.

So much of the film relies on the talents of the person playing Freddie Steinmark. Talk about casting Finn Wittrock [American Horror Story] for the lead. What drew you to him?

I knew the movie would rise and fall on the decision of who played Freddie. We went through a two-month search all over the country, and we brought Finn in for four scenes, one of which was a pivotal hospital scene. Finn’s audition was the only one that made me choke up. He even looked like Freddie! It all felt fated and, in getting to know Finn, I found a lot of Freddie’s qualities in him. He was our plow horse on set, making everyone better. We had a lot of amateur football players in the film who had never acted, and Finn lifted them up. He understood his behavior set the tone for everything. One of the greatest privileges I’ve had as a filmmaker was directing scenes with Finn and Aaron Eckhart [who plays Coach Royal]. They were so great, there wasn’t a lot I had to do.

Source: Indianapolis Monthly

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