Fact about Finn Wittrock

  • – A fan of the ninja turtles
  • – Loves doughnuts
  • – Is named after Irish folk legend Fionn MacCool
  • – Favorite childhood toy was legos
  • – Once worked in a frozen yogurt shop
  • – Loves to cook
  • – Played baseball (second base) as a child
  • – Has a dog named Zeke
  • – Prefers dogs to cats
  • – Often wears gray t-shirts or hoodies
  • – Thinks eels are “scary”
  • – Loved the movie “The Princess Bride” as a child
  • – Drank lots of coffee and then met with a fitness expert to lose weight for his role in “Unbroken”
  • – Starred in a music video for the comical song “Didn’t mean to be a hipster”
  • – Favorite horror movie is “The Exorcist”


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